Author: Allan Burgess

Agfa Silette Agfa Silette

Agfa Silette – Sound and inexpensive 35mm Anyone interested in collecting and using old film cameras is bound to run into models from the Agfa Silette range in second-hand stores and junk shops. There are also plenty of them available on internet auction sites. These well made little zone focus cameras usually sell very cheaply.…

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Yashica-Mat Yashica-Mat

Yashica Mat 6×6 Medium Format You might wonder why anyone would bother to use this type of medium format film camera in this day and age of digital photography. There are several good reasons. Firstly, the Yashica Mat shoots onto a 6cm x 6cm (more accurately about 56mm x 56mm) section of the film, whereas a standard 35mm…

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Western Euro-Master light meter photograph. Western Euro-Master light meter photograph.

How to use a separate light meter! Good rangefinder film cameras often come up for sale with their only fault being a dead light-meter. You can often get it going again with the right batteries, cleaning the battery contacts, or replacing the corroded wires inside the camera that run to the battery. With the meter…

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