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Improving Rangefinder Patch Contrast

Improving Rangefinder Patch Contrast

How to Fix - Improving Rangefinder Patch Contrast to make it easier to Focus By Allan Burgess How to improve…

5 months ago

Restoring Leather Camera Cases with Kiwi Liquid Polish

Restoring Leather Camera Cases Here's how to go about restoring leather camera cases. The restoration, in this case, was fairly…

3 years ago

Using a GoPro for Inexpensive Wide Angle Photographs

GoPro Wide Angle Photographs Using the GoPro as a stills camera to take wide angle shots. You may not have…

6 years ago

Rangefinder Advantages – Easy to use, simple to focus – Buying tips

Rangefinder Camera Advantages Rangefinders make ideal cameras for street shooting. Being quite small in size most people will assume you…

6 years ago

What to do when your camera’s light meter doesn’t work!

How to use a separate light meter! Good rangefinder film cameras often come up for sale with their only fault…

7 years ago