Rangefinder Film Cameras of the 1960s and 1970s

Ricoh 500G Ricoh 500G

Ricoh 500G 35mm film camera I’ve had this little Ricoh 500G camera for quite a few years and have shot a lot of film with it. The results have always impressed. If you have been thinking about getting one of these my advice is to go ahead and take the plunge! You won’t be disappointed.…

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Olympus 35ED Olympus 35ED

Olympus 35 ED 06/05/2013 by Allan Burgess | No Comment The Olympus 35ED was one of the last rangefinders to be made as single lens reflex cameras began to overtake rangefinders in the marketplace. It is programmed Automatic Exposure control only. There are no manual controls. This is something I don’t like. It means if…

Read More Olympus 35 ED (1974 – 1978) Program Automatic Exposure control only